Team Building/Challenge Course

You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

Our challenge course provides a powerful learning experience for your group or team. Our trained and experienced facilitators will guide you through sequenced activities designed to build trust, teamwork, leadership skills, communication skills, and camaraderie.

Groups of all types have enjoyed our challenge course program, including businesses, athletic teams, sororities and fraternities, scout groups, school classes, and more. We build a custom program for each group based on the group's needs and goals to make the experience as rewarding as possible.

Program Options

Half Day
Includes a sequenced program that builds camaraderie, trust, communication skills, teamwork and leadership traits. Focus on half day program is the entire team working together to accomplish a task.

Full Day
Expanded version of our half day program by bringing focus to the individual and his/her ability to find courage and face individual challenges with team support.

See a list of high elements and low elements along with descriptions used here at the Center.

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High Elements


A great intro element to the high adventure course! Participants traverse a telephone pole. Low physical demands and perceived risk.

Two Line Bridge

A physically demanding element with low perceived risk. Walk from one pole to the next with the aid of cables.


Work on focus and balance while traversing a cable with the aid of "vines".

High Wild Woozy

Same as the low element but with more perceived risk and ultimate safety.

Heebee Geebee

Traverse a cable with the aid of crossed ropes.

Pamper Pole

This element is the height of emotional, physical and mental challenge. Climb on top of a vertical telephone pole and when ready leap for the trapeze.

Zip Line

An exciting element with low physical needs and some perceived risk. Harness up and ride the cable 45' down to the bottom!


Fun element with low perceived risk. Attached to a cable, participants are pulled up as high as they want to go and when ready, let go of the release rope and take the giant swing!

Climbing Wall

Our tower is 45' tall and provides excellent lessons in balance, self-awareness and trust. Once at the top, make sure to take in the sights of the center.

Low Elements

Swinging Log

Task: Walk across the moving suspended log by using peer support if needed.
Objective: Most members receive a heightened sense of physical self and group support from this activity.

Wild Woozy

Task: Two group members depend on each other to traverse as far as possible along two progressively widening cables.
Objectives: Exploring physical, mental or spiritual trust and dependence.

Spider Web

Task: Get the whole group from one side of the spider's web to the other without upsetting the sleeping spider.
Objectives: Review the group's ability to deal with potential success and failure.

Low Wall

Task: Get the whole group up and over the wall safely.
Objective: Culminate the group development achieved throughout the other group initiatives. Develop a sense of potential for self actualization. Overcome the fear inherent with perceived risk.

Tension Traverse

Task: Traverse a single cable with the aid of a rope affixed at the opposite end of the cable.
Objectives: Individuals learn to accept help and support with this physically demanding element.

Mohawk Traverse

Task: Traverse, as a group, the length of several cables attached to trees/poles.
Objective: Utilize individual differences. Develop patience in stressful experiences.

TP Shuffle

Task: Entire team must stand on the horizontal pole and then organize themselves. Objective: Learn patience and team support.

Team Traverse

Task: Two group members traverse on a cable towards each other with the aid of a moving rope.
Objectives: Practice balance and gain awareness of cause and effect in a team situation with group support.

Triangular Tension Traverse

Task: Traverse along a triangular cable formation with the aid of a stationary length of rope.
Objectives: Practice balance and self awareness skills with the support of the group.

Low MultiVine

Task: Two group members must walk towards each other on a cable using "vines" for support. Once they meet, must pass each other.
Objectives: Practice balance, communication and self awareness.

Nitro's Crossing

Task: Group must get from one island to another using only a swinging rope to acheive the goal.
Objectives: Learn teamwork and communication in relation to group organization.

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