Star Party

Star Party Saturday, February 2, 2019 6PM.

Join us for a dark moonless night under the stars for deep space object viewing! Last time the nebula viewing was obstructed by clouds- but the skies cleared completely after 8 pm- this time we are hoping for clear skies and a warmer evening!

Have you noticed what fun names nebulae have? Some of the nebula we will see include the Owl or E.T. Cluster, The Iris, Easter Veil, Helix, Messier 2, Messier 15, Sculptor, Andromeda, Pinwheel, Orion, Flame, Rosette, Running Man, Heart, Christmas Tree or Cone, Bubble, Dumbbell, Lagoon, Omega, Eagle, Spindle, Hercules, and Ring!

Bring your friends and family for an interpretive tour of the night sky, from identifying celestial objects with the naked eye, taking a closer look with binoculars, and getting up close and personal with Winter sky constellations. Enjoy a Q&A with our volunteer astronomers and their incredible telescopes! See an incredible view of The Great Andromeda Galaxy- a mirror of our own Milky Way, and the Great Orion Nebula, just to name a few.

Joe Ward- one of our hosts, and avid astro-photographer and Astronomer captured this beautiful image of the Andromeda Galaxy pictured in this event. He will be bringing a presentation on nebulae, and special screen for viewing the magical shapes and colors of nebulae.

Rhodes Smartt- President of the Texas State Geology Club and SOLC Mentor will be doing a short presentation.

Danielle Rappaport and other members of the San Antonio Astronomical Society will be bringing out telescopes to catch objects in the viewing fields.

This event is free for SOLC Members, and just $10 donation per vehicle for Non- Members. This will be a dark night sky experience, so please, no flashlights! We will have non-intrusive red lighting to mark paths and exploration stations. Light refreshments will be served. Feel free to bring a blanket to watch the stars!

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