The SOLC began with a dream...

Irma Lewis

The Seguin Outdoor Learning Center began with the dreams and imagination of Irma Lewis, a physical education teacher with a strong background in outdoor education.

Ms. Lewis developed and taught an outdoor education course at Seguin High School and saw the positive impact of the program on her students. Ms. Lewis believed that such a program, devoted completely to outdoor education, would make a difference in the lives of the young and young at heart. Eight years later Irma's dream became a reality.

Beginning with an initial donation of 23 acres from local resident Carla Blumberg in 1995, the Seguin Outdoor Learning Center has grown to over 115 acres. With incredible support from the community, the school district, local businesses, public and private foundations, and a legion of volunteers, the SOLC has provided the citizens of south central Texas with a multitude of recreational and educational opportunities.

Irma Lewis

In its first two years of business, the Texas Outdoor Education Association recognized the impact that the SOLC was having on local children and students. The SOLC was named the Outstanding Outdoor Education Program in the State of Texas in 1997.

That legacy continues at the SOLC today with quality programs and a beautiful setting. Our facility is a jewel where the entire community can enjoy the outdoors. We know you will enjoy your visit here.

The Seguin Outdoor Learning Center Culture

  • The Seguin Outdoor Learning Center celebrates the broad spectrum of interests and the interdisciplinary nature of outdoor education by providing inclusion and intersection in nature connection opportunities. The SOLC values the stewardship and conservation of natural resources and wild spaces. The SOLC honors the diverse cultural and historic local perspectives, global worldviews, and cross sector collaborations. The SOLC provides accessible opportunities for inspiration through a blend of academia and adventure, and education through experience for all ages.
  • board directors
  • The SOLC is governed by a Board of Directors that contributes time, talent, treasure, and sweat equity to the shared vision and to the strategic goals of the organization. Our Board of Directors is deeply integrated into the local and surrounding communities, creates a festive atmosphere, and is not afraid to take calculated risk to achieve these goals.
  • The SOLC Leadership encourages and fosters the personal and professional development of the staff and workspace culture, executes the adaptable framework of systems, schedules, and feedback loops in order for the mission to thrive and grow.
  • A talent team made up of Facilitators and Volunteers who deliver high quality programming, with a guest experience focus, in a positive climate while also modeling safety, preparedness, and fun adventures in nature. The talent team values representing SOLC through approachable, professional behaviors and consistent message, and is recognized for their support and contributions to the mission. Most importantly, they LOVE what they do!
  • board president
  • Programming that aligns with TEKS, STARRS, STEAM, Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics and Stewardship, Conservation of Resources, Encourages Critical Thinking Skills, Scientific Methods and Approach, the Core Routines of Nature Connection, Creative Expression and Youth Voice/Reflection.
  • Facilities Team who provides safe, professional, and timely land stewardship practices and management of grounds and facilities, with clear communication and project based objectives in addition to daily facilities operations.

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