Low Elements

Swinging Log

Task: Walk across the moving suspended log by using peer support if needed.
Objective: Most members receive a heightened sense of physical self and group support from this activity.

Wild Woozy

Task: Two group members depend on each other to traverse as far as possible along two progressively widening cables.
Objectives: Exploring physical, mental or spiritual trust and dependence.

Spider Web

Task: Get the whole group from one side of the spider's web to the other without upsetting the sleeping spider.
Objectives: Review the group's ability to deal with potential success and failure.

Low Wall

Task: Get the whole group up and over the wall safely.
Objective: Culminate the group development achieved throughout the other group initiatives. Develop a sense of potential for self actualization. Overcome the fear inherent with perceived risk.

Tension Traverse

Task: Traverse a single cable with the aid of a rope affixed at the opposite end of the cable.
Objectives: Individuals learn to accept help and support with this physically demanding element.

Mohawk Traverse

Task: Traverse, as a group, the length of several cables attached to trees/poles.
Objective: Utilize individual differences. Develop patience in stressful experiences.

TP Shuffle

Task: Entire team must stand on the horizontal pole and then organize themselves. Objective: Learn patience and team support.

Team Traverse

Task: Two group members traverse on a cable towards each other with the aid of a moving rope.
Objectives: Practice balance and gain awareness of cause and effect in a team situation with group support.

Triangular Tension Traverse

Task: Traverse along a triangular cable formation with the aid of a stationary length of rope.
Objectives: Practice balance and self awareness skills with the support of the group.

Low MultiVine

Task: Two group members must walk towards each other on a cable using "vines" for support. Once they meet, must pass each other.
Objectives: Practice balance, communication and self awareness.

Nitro's Crossing

Task: Group must get from one island to another using only a swinging rope to acheive the goal.
Objectives: Learn teamwork and communication in relation to group organization.

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