Field Trips

Our School Field Trips are set up as an a la carte menu of activities that range from TEKS oriented Science and Math Studies that will target the objectives required by the Texas Education Agency to High Adventure Programs designed to provide unique experiences that build confidence, communication skills and teamwork. Our motto is Education through Experience, let us build an experience your students will never forget!

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Adventure Courses

Archery / 45-60 minutes / 4th and Up / $145

Learn safety, sound shooting techniques and get plenty of practice on our archery range. We use Matthews Genesis bows in our instruction which is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program. We also have have several traditional recurve bows.

Shooting Sports / 45-60 minutes / 6th and Up / $145

Learn to safely shoot BB/Pellet Guns, .22 calibar rifles and shotguns with us.

Fishing / 40-50 minutes / K and Up / $145

Our stocked pond and pier will provide hours of catch and release fun! Learn the basics of fishing such as knots, bait and handling fish safely.

Canoeing/Kayaking / 40-60 minutes / K and Up / $250

Learn to paddle safely on our pond and see that is the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Learn different paddle strokes and safety basics.

*Two instructors for safety

Hiking / 40-60 minutes / K and Up / $145

Our well mulched trails wind through the woods and interpretive signs along the way will teach you about the various plants and trees.

Camping Skills / 45-60 minutes / 2nd and Up / $145

Learn the essentials of camping such as good tent site selection, pitching a tent, starting a fire, cooking in the outdoors and map/compass use. All skills learned will follow the Leave No Trace ethics for Outdoor Adventure to teach responsibility in the outdoors.

Home Sweet Home / 60-70 minutes / 3rd and Up / $145

In this course, students will learn the basics of how to build a shelter in the wilderness. Students will work in a small group to develop a plan and build their own shelters. Topics will also include Leave No Trace practices.

Beginner Compass / 40 minutes / 1st-5th / $145

This course provides a great introduction for students on how to plot a bearing with a compass. Students will find north with a compass and then complete a small course that guides them back to the starting point.

Geocaching / 40-60 minutes / 3rd and Up / $145

This is a high tech scavenger hunt using GPS technology. Learn the basics of the sport such as finding a waypoint and placing one. After one lesson you will be ready to apply those skills to seek out your own hidden cache! Want more info on this growing sport? Visit

Hit The Trail / 45-60 minutes / 3rd-8th / $145

Learn to leave behind signs telling people where to go to look for a special destination. Useful for helping rescuers and friends find your location or getting back to that favorite spot without a GPS.

Climbing Wall / 60 minutes / 4th and Up / $250

Learn basic climbing technique and challenge yourself on our 45' vertical wall.

Giant Swing / 60 minutes / 4th and Up / $250

Go for an extreme swing ride here at the center. You will be attached to a cable and then pulled up to a point that you wish to stop. Let go of your release rope and enjoy the sensation of flying! Also a great class to teach momentum and energy.

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